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Key Features:

Senders can mark how much time they think each email's task will take the receiver. Accurate estimations help receivers manage their time while leaving a good impression of the sender in the receiver's mind.

Open email "in place" for quick common operations: delete, archive to folders, save to calendar. By keeping the email in its position, the three common operations can be performed rapidly, experienced users might even do "blind" double-tap. Email content is organized in messenger conversation style to improve clarity and shorten scrolling. To close the opened email, tap the close button or simply keep scrolling beyond the end of the email to snap back to inbox.

Save email to calendar as a task to do later. Upon the calendar button being hit, the app automatically places the email in the next free slot in the schedule and presents the option to move and resize before saving. As you can see from the two main tabs, this email app is half email half calendar. Two interesting alternative directions are making two integrated separate apps and making only the email app and integrate with popular existing calendar apps used by our target users. We didn't invest the time to explore those possibilities at this stage of the project.

Drag the email task to move its time. Drag its handle to adjust its duration. Option to replace conflicting existing events.



Clear is an email mobile app for busy people who like to stay organized. 

Teammate: Tanya Siadneva.
May 2014.

To the extent possible under law, Yinan Qiu has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. This work is published from: United States.