Credit: First 6 seconds of footage is taken from here .
Rest of the video is all shot and edited by me.
Music: Periscope Up by Emancipator.



Have you wanted to recommend a great product but weren't sure if it would be relevant to your friends? Do you "like" many brands on Facebook but have no idea if your friends and "friends" ever noticed your "likes", let alone being influenced by them? If so, Extol is for you.

On Extol, you can post products you love and receive feedback on the influence of your posts as people tap "I want one" to add the product to their wish list or tap "I love mine too" to "retweet". The fact that this is a one-way following network dedicated to this type of content means you know your followers follow you because they value your taste and judgement. Of course, you can discover products too on this network of people who care about good products.

Extol isn't for everyone. But even for the rest of the world, wouldn't it be great to have a collection of products curated by people who have used them and are willing to attach the word love to them? In our time of increasing diversity and rapid innovation, the long tail of great products would benefit from something like Extol.

My original goal:
How might we promote high quality in everything we create and do?
(As a starting point for this individual project, each student had to find a goal based on things that "bugged" them. The sad inadequacy of quality in the current human world really bugged me, and still does.)

December 2013.

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