Yinan Qiu - Product Designer

Copy of Live Video Scoreboard

Live Video Scoreboard feature for Facebook designed by Yinan Qiu


feature for Facebook Live


  • Personal project
  • December 2017
  • Tool: FramerJS
  • Fidelity: Final Screens, Microinteraction Prototypes


Enable sport community organizers to share score info to audience on Facebook Live when streaming match events.


An adaptive and interactive scoreboard that live video owner can set up and use easily thanks to flexible user flow design and smart assistance from both mature technologies and and AI.

Success Metrics

  • Feature Usage Rate (approximate) = (times used) ÷ (times when use case is present) = (number of Facebook live videos streamed with scoreboard on) ÷ (number of Facebook live videos streamed with scoreboard on OR from known sport venue GPS locations OR by sport community user accounts).
  • The snooker club whose need inspired this project uses this feature for all its monthly tournaments.
LVS - solution overview@2x.png
LVS - mx - drag in vid only mode@2x.png
LVS - need@2x.png
LVS - explorations@2x.png
LVS - solution walkthrough 1@2x.png
LVS - solution walkthrough 2@2x.png
LVS - solution walkthrough 3@2x.png
LVS - solution walkthrough - other sports@2x.png