Yinan Qiu - Product Designer

Patron's Wish

Patron's Wish feature for Patreon web and mobile designed by Yinan Qiu


Patron's Wish feature for Patreon

Personal Project   •   November 2017   •   Tool: Sketch



On Patreon.com, help Creators learn what Rewards might be great to create for their existing and prospective Patrons. In other words, help Creators find or improve product market fit.



A dedicated channel for people to tell Creators what new Rewards they want.


On each Creator's page, visitors can "make a wish" if they want something not seen among the existing Rewards.

Examples of existing Creator's page:

People can vote for a popular Wish or submit a new Wish.


Creators can view received Wishes with popularity data in the dashboard.

Mobile version of key screens.





The design is successful if it leads to: