Prototypes & Learnings report 1

What I did:

Chose three favorite concepts to gather user feedback for. Made prototypes for them with two primary learning objectives: 1. whether the concept seems valuable to users; 2. what are the true-false-likelihood categories in users' mental models as opposed to mine based on my own and research. Used them for user testing with 7 people including 2 expert users and 5 non-expert users, the two sides of users for these concepts.

The prototypes:

User feedback and my notes:

What I learned & next steps:

Primary learning objective #1 is achieved. Primary learning objective #2 is partially achieved too but not by these prototypes as they are limited to language possibilities and too few of them while the expert users' needs turned out to be beyond these words and beyond words.

I need to be more clear about my goal for these concepts. One of the concepts, Consensuser, by its current design can be useful for users but is not helpful for my goal and is unlikely to become helpful without compromising its essence and therefor will be aborted as a direction candidate in my thesis project.

I need to think more clearly about the expert and non-expert users' needs and motivations in order to better design and communicate new versions of the remaining two concepts here and possibly future new-direction concepts.