Yinan Qiu - Product Designer

When Sold Out

When Sold Out feature candidates for Good Eggs web and mobile designed by Yinan Qiu


When Sold Out

Passion Project   •   June 2018   •   Tool: Sketch



When products are sold out or otherwise unavailable on Good Eggs site and app, help picky grocery shoppers get their favorites or alternatives.


Solution A: Notify When Available

Give shoppers option to get notified when the currently unavailable product becomes available later.


Solution B: "Back In Stock" Section

Add "Back In Stock" section under Favorites for shoppers to quickly see which of their favorites unavailable during last browsing are now back in stock without scrolling through the favorites.


Solution C: Save Search To Favorites

Give shoppers option to save searches as custom categories under Favorites for easy discovery of relevant alternatives to their favorite products that are currently unavailable or available.