Sketches and Prototypes:

Urban Hacking

In this group project, we "hacked" the Powell Street cable car roundabout to bring a little delight to tourists visiting San Francisco. 

When waiting in line for the cable car or just passing by, people can select their country, receive a welcome note in their own language, and leave a message for people who speak the same language.

This custom-fit interactive installation is powered by electronic prototyping platform Arduino. Due to our technical abilities, this prototype only included the countries most poplar in our previous prototype tests. This is the biggest improvement we would make in the next prototype. A guest at the final presentation suggested a smart idea: using one button for all countries of the same language, with color coding. We also noticed smaller areas for improvement such as the affordance of the buttons.

Dana SilberbergElaine Chu, Vivek Shah.
Duration: 5 weeks.
October 2013.

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